How to Select the Correct Label Printer

How to Select the Correct Label Printer

Carrying out the proper selection of a label printer must take into account a large number of factors. This analysis will allow us to choose the most suitable model according to our needs, such as the print quality we need, the frequency with which we plan to print, the simplicity of use, the requirements regarding the use of bar codes or the total cost that the acquisition will imply.


It is common that in all types of businesses, be they hospitals, factories, offices, laboratories or stores, they find that their printers have become obsolete and are unable to adapt to the processes that have changed over time. They have labelling systems that do not work or that are excessively expensive. These businesses find that laser or inkjet printers are not what is best for them because there are both quality problems when using them as label printers and very high costs. That is why it is recommended that these companies and entities adopt the use of thermal label printers or other advanced labelling systems. These are more profitable and beneficial even when the labelling volume is not too high. Some of the benefits include:

  • More convenience in the process
  • Additional communication options
  • Higher print quality
  • Superior performance
  • Different printing technologies

Thermal label printers

Thermal printers work using controlled heat to capture the image on paper. In the direct impressions, no ink or toner is used, only heat. In thermal transfer prints, a process is used whereby the ink is transmitted mechanically to the paper. It is a system used for long-term labels, to make shipments or other packaging and labelling tasks.

Selecting the correct label printer

Each technology is effective in certain tasks but is inefficient in others. Therefore, we must find the printer that best suits our needs in terms of label volume, quality and work processes. The following questions will help determine which printer is most suitable:

  • Is label printing something temporary or a long-term requirement?
  • How often will you have to print labels?
  • How many labels will you need each time?
  • Do you need the printer to tell you where to print on a sheet? If so, is it easy for users to do so?
  • How important is the printing time of each label?
  • How easy is it to load the image of the label?
  • What label sizes do you need?
  • How long should the labels last?
  • On what kind of material do you need to print the label?
  • Can the printer support all images and label sizes?
  • Do you need barcodes? Does the printer have a connection to a computer?
  • Who is responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting the printer?
  • How long is it acceptable to be inactive?
  • What are the related supply and labour costs?

Thermal printers are created for labelling, so they provide advantages in all types of label printing regardless of the volume or type that is necessary.

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