For whatever kind of business you do, positive reviews from your customers are very important. For these reasons, most websites usually create a platform on their domain where customers can leave a review so they can know how to improve or help new customers know they are patronizing a reliable platform for business.


If a customer takes time to write a positive review of your business, it gives new prospects the confidence that you are good at what you do. Let’s talk about how small companies increase their number of positive reviews and how that has helped grow the business.

Learn to ask for a Review

Sometimes some buyers don’t know they must give a useful review. Some don’t know how to do it, and some don’t see a reason why they should leave one. In this kind of situation, you have to ask them for it and if they say they don’t know how to do it, teach them. Don’t be surprised that some customers may feel intimidated as you ask them to leave a review; in the process, they may give a bad review even as you did an excellent job for them. But in other to avoid that, try as much as possible to provide them with a little after-sales service, or you offer extra assistance. It goes a long way in their hearts, prompting them to give you a useful review. With this kind of attitude, you will surely get a helpful review, and guess what? Your business will grow as the more review you get; the more people trust your business.

Develop a Social Atmosphere with your Customers

As customers come in for your services, try to get their contacts, particularly their social media contact. At the initial stage, some may not want to give you their touch because they believe it’s their privacy and you may leak it out. That is not a problem; all you need do is assuring them there is no problem that their contacts are safe with you. As they release their contacts, always try to reach them through the contacts at significant times like the festive periods like during Christmas and New Year. You can also reach them when there is a discount on your services or goods you sell. Doing this will let the customers believe you are not spamming them. That is an excellent way to create a unique social media atmosphere.

Manage your Positive Reviews Well

Congratulations if you can build a reasonable number of reviews from customers. At this stage, it is a good avenue for you to make unconventional use of them. Try to link your website to others so people can easily see your site. It is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In the United State there is a company called us-reviews. They help to handle anything that has to do with Search engine optimization. With that, more people will see your website and want to patronize you for your business.

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