The Outdated Marketing and Advertising Tactics You’re Still Using

The Outdated Marketing and Advertising Tactics You’re Still Using

As times change, so do consumers which means that businesses will have to change and adapt as well. Sometimes, old tactic may not relevant as it was, but once tweaked or changed, it can still serve its purpose. Paper checks, for example, are no longer commonly used, but eChecks are a slightly different alternative with the convenience and benefits of checks but which take away the inconvenience of waiting for them to be sent and cashed. Other tactics, though, will become completely outdated and ineffective marketing.


Marketing and Advertising Tactics

When it comes to marketing and advertising. There are hundreds of different techniques that you can use to reach and engage your target audience. Including techniques that have been around for decades. While there are still old tactics and techniques that can be as effective as ever when use today. As times have change and there are a shift into a digital world. Certain practices have become outdated and ineffective, yet we are still use it anyways. For example, billboards are an old marketing technique still being utilized, and although they are still somewhat effective, they may not be worth it for your business—while 96 percent of people are exposed to outdoor advertising like billboards every week, only 32 percent will typically visit an establishment they saw advertised.

Billboard advertising, whether or not it will be effective and worth it for your business will depend on multiple factors. There are like the type of business you run, what your marketing and advertising goals are, etc. There are other marketing and advertising tactics besides billboards, though, that are simply ineffective. Even if you’re using the best business tools available, you still may not be able to see the results you’re looking for if you’re using one or more of the following outdated marketing and advertising techniques.


Email marketing has quickly taken over the role of newsletters and, although they are similar in many ways. The traditional newsletter is an outdated tactic you should no longer be using. Even the old way of email marketing is something you should avoid. Old newsletters are fills with impersonal information that people had to sift through and more often than not. And they are more likely a spam. These days, consumers want a more personalized experience with clear calls to action and answers to their specific questions.

Personalization involves customizing the content based on your subscribers’ unique qualities like name, gender, location, birthday, interests, recent purchases and more.  If you include personalization in your automated emails like welcome emails, abandoned cart emails or Birthday greetings  – your messages will deliver more conversions.
With an omnichannel marketing tool you can reach your customers via different channels and you don’t need to invest a lot money or time to start up.


Believe it or not, companies do still use brochures. While they may still have their place, they’re an outdated material that is more often thrown in the garbage than used for information—people would rather search online. 80 percent of survey respondents say that they prefer to use a search engine to find local products. If you’ve been using brochures to inform customers and potential customers about your company, products, or services, time to stop.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is an SEO technique that was once quite common but is now it consider as black hat. Although it’s black hat technique, there’re still many businesses that use it as a way to get ahead in SEO. Even though most search engines will penalize you if they believe you’re keyword stuffing. If you’ve been keyword stuffing to boost visibility and SEO, it’s time to stop. As search engines continue to focus more on user experience. You may not have much choice in the matter if you still want to get good spot in search results.

Advertising in the Yellow Pages

In 2016, the number of visitors on dropped from just over 321,000 the year before to just more than 101,000—and that’s visitors to the website. Even fewer people still use the actual Yellow Pages when looking up a business. If you’re still advertising in the Yellow Pages, you’re spending money that you could be using elsewhere. It can draw in more traffic and attract more customers.

Fabricated Reviews or Testimonials

Far too often, businesses will incentivize employees to post reviews under fake customer names. They will fabricate testimonials and assign a random name to them before posting them on their website. That practice is not only misleading, but it’s also totally unethical. Consumers rely on reviews to help them make a decision, and if you’re fabricating reviews and testimonials and they decide they’re unhappy with their service, it will be worse for you than if you posted testimonials that were real and sincere.

Final Thoughts

While some old-school marketing and advertising techniques can be just as effective today as they were a few decades ago. Others are more of a waste of time and money than anything else. Rather than focusing on outdated tactics like keyword stuffing. Yellow Page advertisements, etc., you may want to consider building robust digital marketing strategy that will bring you better results.

Which tactic is bringing you the best results and which is bringing you the worst?

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