Are you tired of audio not matching up on YouTube? It’s very frustrating, but there’s good news. You can solve this problem, no matter if the audio is a little off or way out of sync. It’s all about figuring out why it’s happening and then using the right fix. This guide will show you how to make your videos play perfectly in no time.

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Bluetooth earphones often cause this issue by delaying signals. But there are many ways to fix it, depending on your device or platform.

If you use an Android, solving the issue is simple. Go to Settings, then Manage Apps, pick YouTube, and clear data. Plus, turn off hardware acceleration in Chrome or Firefox on your computer for another easy fix.

Key Takeaways

  • Identify the root cause of audio lag to apply the correct solution.
  • Utilize Wondershare UniConverter for a 90x faster processing rate in audio synchronization.
  • Clear the cache in Android devices to resolve YouTube playback issues.
  • Disable hardware acceleration in web browsers to fix sync issues.
  • Understand the impact of Bluetooth signal delays on audio-video desynchronization.

Why Are My Audio and Video Out of Sync on YouTube?

Syncing audio and video on YouTube is key to a good watching experience. Many things can cause them to be out of sync. These include the content being off, wrong hardware settings, or out-of-date YouTube apps. We’ll look at these issues to help you make your videos match up.

Faulty Content

Bad video content can make audio and video out of sync. This happens when the file has mistakes or got messed up during upload. If you think this is the reason, try watching other videos on YouTube. Play videos from different sources too. This will show if the problem is just with the video you’re watching or something more widespread.

Hardware Acceleration Issues

Video sync problems in your browser might be due to hardware settings. Turning off this setting in browsers like Chrome and Edge might help. Many find that this fixes nine out of ten audio-video sync issues on YouTube. It’s a common fix to make your videos play in sync again.

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Outdated YouTube App

It’s important to keep your YouTube app up to date. An old app can cause syncing problems. Make sure your app is always updated. This helps your videos play smoothly, without audio-video sync issues. Keep all your devices’ apps up to date for a great video watching experience.

Steps to Fix YouTube Audio Out of Sync Issues on Different Devices

It can be annoying when your audio and video don’t match. But, no need to worry. There are easy ways to fix this issue on smart TVs, browsers, and Android devices. Let’s talk about how to handle youtube audio delay specifically for these devices.

Fixing Audio Desync on Smart TVs

Is your smart TV, like a Samsung, causing trouble? Sometimes, changing the audio format can make a big difference. By setting the audio output to PCM, you might fix the audio sync troubleshooting. This makes sure the sound matches the picture. Enjoy your YouTube videos smoothly.

Resolving Sync Issues in Browsers

If the problem is with your browser, focusing on hardware acceleration could be key. Turning off this feature in browsers like Chrome or Firefox might fix the audio and video sync issues for most. It’s a straightforward solution that can really improve your YouTube time. Remember to check your browser’s settings to disable hardware acceleration.

Addressing Audio Delay on Android Devices

Android devices can have their own issues with youtube audio delay. A simple restart often does the trick. This clears away any small tech bugs causing the delay. Also, clearing the YouTube app’s cache could work wonders for 80% of users. If problems persist, consider clearing the cache again or checking your Bluetooth settings.

Common Solutions When YouTube Audio Out of Sync

Audio desync on YouTube can be really annoying. Thankfully, there are good ways to fix it. We’ll cover some easy methods to get your audio and video back in sync.

Rebooting the Device

Sometimes, a simple reboot can fix the problem. This works for devices like Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and more. Restarting helps the system start fresh, often solving the audio sync issue.

audio desync

Clearing Cache and Data

For the YouTube app, clearing cache and data is a big help. This step is important for smart TV users to have smooth streaming. It removes bad data that could be causing the audio to lag.

Disabling Bluetooth

If you use Bluetooth sound, try turning it off. Bluetooth can slow down the audio. Or, your device might have a low-latency setting that could help. This minimizes any delays, making your audio and video match up better.


Handling YouTube audio issues where the sound doesn’t line up can be really irritating. This guide has given you ways to tackle these problems on various gadgets. If you’re on a streaming device such as Apple TV or Google Chromecast, the YouTube TV’s sound troubles often come from bad internet or wrong audio settings.

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First off, getting a good network and turning off surround sound helps stop the sound delay. You can also try changing the audio to PCM, clearing the TV’s cache, and restarting your gadget. If the problem keeps coming up, try deleting and then reinstalling the YouTube TV app. Or make sure it’s the latest version. This might fix the sound and video not matching up.

Follow these tips for a better time watching videos without the sound issue. Use these fixes to make your YouTube-watching smooth again. This way, you won’t have to deal with the annoyance of sound and video being out of sync.


Why is the audio out of sync on YouTube?

There are several reasons why YouTube audio and video might not sync. This could be due to old apps or incorrect sound settings. It might also be because of issues with how the browser uses hardware or temporary problems with the device.

How do I fix YouTube audio desync on my browser?

One way to fix this problem is by turning off hardware acceleration. Doing this might help sync the video and audio better.

What can I do to resolve audio delay on my Android device?

To solve audio lag on Android, you might restart your device. Clear the app cache as well. Also, check that Bluetooth isn’t causing any problems. These steps often fix the issue.

How can I fix audio video sync problems on my Smart TV?

For Smart TVs, especially Samsung models, switch the audio setting to PCM. This usually fixes the audio sync issues, making your viewing better.

What should I do if my YouTube app is outdated?

Make sure your YouTube app is up to date. An old app can lead to many problems, including audio and video not syncing. Always use the latest app version.

Can rebooting a device fix YouTube audio out of sync issues?

Yes, restarting your device can often help with audio sync issues. It’s a simple step but it can fix many problems with YouTube audio video sync.

How does clearing cache and data affect YouTube audio delay?

Clearing the cache and data can eliminate bad files that are causing the sync issue. It’s a good way to fix a lagging audio.

Is Bluetooth responsible for audio sync problems?

Bluetooth can indeed cause sync issues. Disabling it or using low-latency settings might help. This ensures audio and video play together smoothly during YouTube videos.

What are general troubleshooting steps for fixing audio desync issues?

The usual steps to troubleshoot audio desync include restarting devices. Clearing app cache and data is also helpful. Don’t forget to turn off Bluetooth if it’s on, and keep the app updated. These steps often solve the problem.


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