YouTube is a top spot for millions looking for videos on almost everything. But, many find the low sound very annoying. By figuring out the causes and solutions, you can boost your watching time.

Loads of things could make your YouTube quiet. It might be your computer’s low sound, browser sound issues, or something wrong with your headphones or speakers. The fix might be easy or need a bit more effort.

To solve this, you might need to adjust computer and browser sound. Resetting your computer’s sound could help, too. Then, there’s running the Windows sound troubleshooter, turning off special audio settings, and checking your browser settings. Often, a simple restart of your computer or web browser does the trick. It sorts out the small problems that stop YouTube sound from working right.

Key Takeaways

  • Common reasons for low YouTube volume include low computer or browser volume, headphone issues, and incorrect sound settings.
  • Solutions include checking volume mixers and settings, resetting sound settings, running troubleshooters, and restarting your computer or browser.
  • Turning off audio enhancements and disabling spatial sound can improve sound quality on YouTube.
  • Updating your web browser or resetting its settings can fix YouTube audio low problems.
  • Understanding YouTube’s built-in volume controls and audio normalization helps maintain consistent playback volume across videos.

Common Causes for Low YouTube Volume

Many users find YouTube plays videos too quietly or with sound that changes a lot. If you know what’s happening, fixing the sound is easier.

Your Computer Volume Settings

The first thing to check is if your computer’s volume might be causing the issue. Ensure it’s not muted or set very low. Also, check application volume settings to make sure YouTube plays at the right level. When your computer updates, it could change these settings without you knowing.

Browser Volume Settings

Maybe it’s not your computer but the browser you’re using. Each browser has its own volume control. Clearing the cache or updating the browser might help. If it keeps happening, try a different browser to see if that makes a difference.

Speaker or Headphone Issues

If you can’t hear YouTube well, your speakers or headphones could be at fault. Check they are plugged in right. Testing different audio devices helps to see if the problem is with your equipment. Be careful with sound booster apps as they can make the audio sound bad. Adjust their settings carefully.

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System and Sound Settings

Your computer’s sound settings are important too. Make sure everything is updated and set correctly. YouTube has a feature that keeps sound levels steady. But, this doesn’t turn up the volume on quiet videos. If you still have problems, look at each app’s volume settings. Restarting your device could also help fix small issues.

Why is YouTube Volume So Low?

Understanding YouTube’s low volume can be tricky. It’s partly because of how the platform controls its sound. We’ll look at these reasons so you can turn up the volume when needed.

YouTube’s Built-In Volume Control

YouTube lets you change the volume using a simple slider. It’s meant to be easy to use. But, make sure the slider isn’t all the way down by mistake.

In fact, over 35% of the time, just upping the volume fixes the problem. YouTube limits its max volume to protect your ears and your devices. This cap stops videos from suddenly blasting your speakers with loud sounds.

boost YouTube volume

Audio Normalization by YouTube

YouTube uses something called audio normalization to keep video volumes steady. This makes sure video to video, the sounds don’t surprise you. But, it can also make some videos seem quieter than they should be.

The normalization tries to make videos all play at the same volume. But, different qualities in the original sound, and even creator choices, can change this. About 30% of the time, these are the reasons for volume issues.

If you keep hearing YouTube audio low, try playing other videos. If they’re all quiet, the problem might be bigger. If fixing your system or browser settings doesn’t work, audio normalization might be at play.

Also, sometimes, your browser or internet can affect volume, about 15% of the time. Make sure everything is updated. This step is key for a good YouTube watching experience.


Understanding why YouTube’s sound is often quiet is important. Several reasons contribute to this issue. YouTube uses a -14 LUFs loudness standard to maintain volume levels evenly across its videos. If a video’s audio is louder than -14 LUFs, YouTube will adjust it. This ensures everyone has a good listening experience.

This approach has its benefits but may make some videos sound quieter. To check your video’s volume level, the Stats for Nerds feature is handy. Also, sites like explain how audio normalization works. Knowing about LUFs helps creators make better audio for YouTube.

If your YouTube sound is too low, there are some steps you can take. Make sure your device’s volume settings are correct and that your software and drivers are up to date. Also, regularly update your internet browser and clear its cache. If a video is corrupted, tools like 4DDiG Video Repair can help.

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By applying these fixes, viewers can handle common audio problems. Creators can fine-tune their videos for better sound on YouTube. So, if you’re ever wondering why YouTube’s sound is low, remember simple steps can make a big difference in your listening experience.


Why is the volume on YouTube so low?

There are a few reasons why YouTube’s volume might be low. It could be your computer’s volume settings or the browser-specific ones. Also, issues with your headphones or speakers may play a part. YouTube’s audio normalization tries to keep videos at a steady volume. But this can sometimes make them sound quieter too.

How can I increase the volume on YouTube?

To make YouTube louder, adjust the volume slider in the YouTube player. Also, ensure your computer’s and browser’s volume settings are up. Check your system sound settings. Make sure everything is set right there too.

What should I do if YouTube sound is not working at all?

If YouTube sound isn’t working, first check the device’s volume and your audio output equipment. Ensure they’re not on mute. Then look at your browser’s audio settings. They or some extensions might be blocking sound. Often, restarting your system or browser can fix the issue.

How do I fix low volume on YouTube videos?

To increase YouTube video volume, try the volume slider and your device’s main volume. Check if all your system settings are how they should be. Also see if your browser has unique audio settings that need adjustment. If it’s still too low, try updating your audio drivers.

What causes YouTube audio to be low on some videos?

Sometimes YouTube’s audio is low due to volume normalization. This is to make sure videos’ volumes are consistent. Also, the way the video was originally recorded and edited, and how it was compressed affects its final volume.

Can browser extensions help boost YouTube volume?

Browsers add-ons can increase YouTube’s volume, but they have risks like sound distortion. Choose well-known extensions to avoid problems. Know that such third-party tools can have downsides.

What should I check if my YouTube video is too quiet?

If your YouTube is too quiet, first look at the video player’s volume. Then, adjust your computer’s sound settings. Check your browser’s audio settings too. Also, examine your headphones or speakers for any faults. Finally, check your system’s sound settings to see if they’re causing the issue.

How does YouTube’s audio normalization affect volume?

YouTube’s audio normalization keeps video volumes consistent. This helps avoid loud jumps between videos. But, it might make videos with low original volumes or heavy compression even quieter.


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