YouTube is all about fun, learning, and getting inspired. People watch videos for many reasons. They often check the comments to join in, learn, or feel part of a community. Comments are important. They help creators, shape the YouTube world, and let people connect. Missing comments means missing out on discussions and friendships. This lowers the fun of being on YouTube. Comments make YouTube lively by letting people exchange ideas and join in conversations.

Key Takeaways

  • Unable to view YouTube comments can significantly impact user experience.
  • Comments boost video visibility and influence YouTube’s algorithm.
  • Providing feedback via comments helps content creators refine their productions.
  • Engagement in the comment section fosters a sense of community and interaction.
  • The visibility of comments is crucial for building vibrant discussions and exchanges.

Struggling to see YouTube comments or they’ve vanished? Stick with us. We’ll dive into why this happens and how to fix it. Let’s get you chatting again.

For more info on tackling YouTube comment issues, click here for detailed advice.

Common Reasons for YouTube Comments Not Showing

YouTube comments are key for building a community and help a channel grow. But, sometimes comments don’t show up, which can be frustrating. Let’s look at why this happens and what you can do.

Channel Settings

One key reason is the channel settings. The channel owner might have turned off comments or set them for review. If you’re asking why can’t I see comments on YouTube, start with the video’s settings. Check that the comments are allowed. This means looking at the channel’s settings to be sure.

YouTube Platform Issues

Sometimes, YouTube itself is the problem. It might be dealing with glitches or doing maintenance. In these times, Team YouTube’s social accounts can give you updates. If YouTube comments are not showing across many videos, YouTube probably knows about it. They usually fix these problems quickly, so patience is important.

Internet Connection

Your internet connection can also cause comments not to show. Make sure your internet is working well. Try refreshing the page or watching the video on a different device. Sometimes, that’s all it takes. If it keeps happening, try restarting your router.

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Browser Issues

Problems with the browser can stop comments from loading too. Make sure you have the latest browser or app. Clear the cache, turn off any extra browser extensions, and then restart the browser. This usually fixes the problem with YouTube comments not showing.

Since YouTube favors videos with more comments, it’s important to fix these issues. This helps viewers and creators enjoy a better YouTube experience. Follow these steps to boost your YouTube interaction and reconnect with the community through comments.

Why can’t I see comments on YouTube

It’s really frustrating not seeing comments on YouTube. Comments are key for community and video success. Let’s see how to fix this.

Verifying Your Settings

First, make sure comments are on for your YouTube channel. Go to YouTube Studio and check the comment settings. Ensure they are not set to “Disabled.” Also, on videos, confirm comments are open. You might wonder, why can’t I find comments on YouTube videos? It’s good to check for flagged spam or inappropriate content.

Ensuring Compliance with COPPA Guidelines

Make sure your content follows the COPPA guidelines. If your videos are for kids, comments are turned off. You might ask, where are my YouTube comments? Double-check your YouTube Studio. Ensure videos are not mistakenly marked for a young audience. If this is a frequent issue, reaching out for YouTube support can help.

Refreshing and Reinstalling

If you still can’t see comments, try refreshing the page or app. A simple refresh can often fix things. Also, try clearing your browser cache or reinstalling the YouTube app. It’s essential to keep your browsers and apps updated. For content creators, comments provide important feedback. By troubleshooting, you can enjoy a better user experience.

why can't i find comments on YouTube


The comments on YouTube are really important for everyone who uses the platform. This includes viewers and people who make videos. They add a lot to the community feeling. Nearly 70% of viewers come to YouTube for all kinds of content. The comments make this content better by encouraging discussion and sharing ideas. Also, around half of YouTube users join in by leaving comments for others to see. This shows how much the comment section matters.

Comments do more than just let people speak their minds. They also help videos get noticed. When videos have lots of comments, they’re more likely to be seen and liked. This can even help the YouTube channel that posted the video grow. A big number of comments makes people feel like they’re part of a group. It sparks more conversation and keeps people coming back to join in. Problems, like comments not showing or rule-breaking comments, can sometimes happen.

Luckily, we can fix many of these issues with some know-how. Respecting the rules and tending to your channel’s settings can get things back on track. Making sure the comment section works well is key for keeping up the community feel. In the end, a lively comment section is good for both users and creators. It makes YouTube a fun, interactive place where everyone can enjoy being part of something bigger.

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Why can’t I see comments on YouTube?

There are different reasons why you can’t see YouTube comments. It could be due to your Internet not working well or conflicts with your browser. Also, some channels might not allow comments. Make sure your settings are good for comments and check your Internet to fix this.

Why are YouTube comments not showing on certain videos?

Sometimes, YouTube videos won’t show comments because the owner turned them off. This happens if the videos are marked as “for kids” or if the settings don’t allow comments. Channel owners should check their settings to enable comments again.

How do I fix the YouTube comment section not being visible?

If you can’t see the comment section, start by refreshing the page. Clear your browser cache and check your Internet. Updating your browser or app might also fix the problem. If it’s still not working, review your comment settings and check for restrictions by YouTube.

Why have my YouTube comments disappeared?

Your comments can disappear due to different reasons. These include issues with YouTube’s platform, breaking community guidelines, or wrong channel settings. Make sure your account follows YouTube’s rules and check if your comments may be under a review hold.

Where are my YouTube comments?

If your comments are gone, it might be because of how they were moderated, technical issues, or a bad Internet connection. Make sure your comment settings and following YouTube’s rules. Also, check your Internet connection.

Why can’t I find comments on YouTube videos?

You may not see comments on YouTube videos if the owner turned them off or if there are platform issues. Try checking for updates or use a different device to see if that helps.

How can I ensure comments are enabled on my YouTube channel?

For enabling comments on your YouTube channel, go to YouTube Studio settings. Check that the video’s and channel’s comments are not disabled. Also, make sure the content is not marked as “for kids”.

What steps can I take to resolve comments not displaying on YouTube?

To fix missing comments, refresh the page and clear your browser cache. Update your browser or app. Also, check that your channel settings allow comments. If it doesn’t work, reach out to YouTube support.


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