YouTube info cards are these nifty, interactive panels found in the upper part of videos. They’re like visual cues that nudge viewers to do something else. This could be visiting a website, checking out another video, or signing up for a channel.

They can suggest playlists, other videos, or even external sites. This makes them great for pulling in more eyes, getting more subscribers, and lifting website clicks. You’ve got four types to pick from: Video, Playlist, Link, and Channel cards. They’re each designed to help out in different ways – from getting new leads to growing sales.

These info cards are smart; they work well on all screens, even mobile. And since a lot of YouTube watching happens on phones, this is big news. It means everyone who sees your video can easily check out what the cards are suggesting.

Key Takeaways

  • YouTube Info Cards come in four main types: Video, Playlist, Link, and Channel cards.
  • Link Cards need you to be part of the YouTube Partner Program. They’re the only ones that can lead to other websites.
  • Putting the cards in the right spot at the right time keeps viewers interested and engaged.
  • Using these cards can help with things like finding new leads, selling more, and getting people to visit your site.
  • They look good and work well no matter if you’re on a computer or a phone. This means more people can see them.

What Are YouTube Info Cards?

YouTube info cards are a smart way for creators to engage viewers more. They add clickable elements to videos like video, playlist, link, and channel cards. These elements show up during the video, making the experience more interactive.

Info cards are great for suggesting other videos or playlists. They can also promote a YouTube channel, or send viewers to other websites. HubSpot uses them to market their online courses. Sephora uses them in tutorials to link to the products they’re using, making shopping easier for viewers.

YouTube Partner Program members must use link cards. Wayfair uses playlist cards to get seen more, and MadFit adds video cards at the end to keep viewers watching.

“YouTube cards can be set up in four simple steps: find the video in your YouTube account, pick the card type to use, load it up with details, and save the changes.”

HGTV uses channel cards to get more subscribers. Info cards are good because they work well on mobile, unlike the old annotations.

When working with youtube info cards, knowing you can only use five per video is important. So, choose their placement carefully. Using tips and tricks can make the viewer’s experience much better.

How to Add Info Cards on YouTube

Adding YouTube info cards can boost how many people watch and buy from your videos. This guide shows you how to add info cards on YouTube. It also shares the top tips for making them work well.

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Step-by-Step Tutorial

  1. Open YouTube Studio and find your video.
  2. Click ‘Add Card’ on the video details page. Choose Video, Playlist, Link, or Channel.
  3. Customize your card. Add the right text and URL. Decide when it shows in the video.
  4. Check your changes, save, and publish your updated video.

how to add info cards on youtube

You’re allowed to put up to five cards in each video. This helps keep people interested throughout.

Choosing the Right Card Type

Picking the best card type depends on what you want to achieve:

  • Video Cards: Keep viewers watching by guiding them to your next video. Maddie from MadFit uses this to perfection in her workout videos.
  • Playlist Cards: Cover a topic fully by grouping related videos. Wayfair uses them to connect viewers with more home decor projects.
  • Link Cards: Lead viewers to outside pages. Sephora links to products for easy shopping, but remember, you must be in the YouTube Partner Program to use these.
  • Channel Cards: Share another YouTube channel. It’s great for working with others or showcasing similar content from partner creators.

Optimizing Card Timing

When you place your cards matters a lot. Use them near the video’s end to keep people watching your content. Maddie from MadFit does this very well. Or, put them just before viewers might leave to keep them interested longer.

Follow this youtube info card tutorial and use the youtube info card best practices. This will make your cards have a big, positive impact on viewer engagement.

Maximizing the Benefits of Using YouTube Info Cards

To make the most of YouTube info cards, creators should use them smartly. These cards guide viewers on a journey through your videos. They help keep your audience interested and exploring more of your content.

Boosting Audience Retention

YouTube info cards can snag and keep the viewers’ interest. You can add up to five cards in your videos. They should pop up in the last 20% of the video. This keeps viewers hooked without taking away from your main message. You can use sounds and visuals to highlight these cards too. This keeps viewers engaged until the video ends. For example, MadFit keeps viewers interested by showing related videos at the end.

Driving Traffic to Your Website

YouTube info cards can also drive viewers to your website. If you’re part of the YouTube Partner Program, you can add link cards. These take viewers to your external sites. This is shown by companies like HubSpot and Sephora. They use these links to sell products or courses. By using catchy messages, more viewers may click. This can lead to more interaction and sales.

Building Brand Awareness

They are great for making your brand better known too. Playlist cards guide viewers to more of your channel’s content. This makes your brand look like an expert on the topic. For instance, Wayfair uses these cards to draw viewers into its content. It makes people want to know more about what they offer. Using YouTube info cards right can help you build a strong relationship with your viewers. It can also help you meet different marketing goals.


YouTube info cards are key for engaging viewers. They help keep people watching and share more about a creator’s brand. These tools are better than the old annotations and are a must in today’s YouTube marketing.

To get the most out of them, creators must follow certain rules. They need to pick the right card, time its appearance correctly, and make sure it’s interesting to viewers. Info cards turn videos into more than just content by linking to stores or making it easy to subscribe.

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Making sure the technical stuff is right is important, too. YouTube end card templates are a specific size, and end screens in videos have a minimum length requirement. For those using WordPress, there’s even a plugin that makes creating these cards easier, without needing to know how to code. It offers lots of ways to customize and keeps getting better thanks to feedback.

By using info cards well, creators can make their videos more interactive. This improves how viewers engage with their content and helps meet their marketing goals. So, YouTube becomes a crucial tool in their digital strategies.


What are YouTube info cards?

YouTube info cards are handy tools at a video’s top corner. They urge viewers to take steps like visiting websites or checking out more videos. This boosts interaction and brings more people to subscribe.

What are the benefits of using YouTube info cards?

Info cards up the game on engagement and the number of visitors to your web page. They draw more people to your channel and help better your marketing techniques. Also, they are made to fit well on mobile screens.

How do I add info cards on YouTube?

Adding them is easy. Just head to YouTube Studio and pick your video. You can add different cards: for video, playlist, link, or channel. After choosing, add some details like when it appears and what it says. You can put up to five cards on one video.

What are the best practices for using YouTube info cards?

Choose the right card wisely depending on what you’re aiming for. Place them in your video at spots that will keep people watching. Make sure they stay relevant to your content.

How can I optimize YouTube info cards for better engagement?

Get to know when your audience is most hooked on your video. Then place the cards there. This keeps them watching by suggesting more videos or relevant links they might like.

What types of YouTube info cards are available?

You can pick from Video, Playlist, Link, and Channel cards. They help in different ways to get your viewers more involved and spread your brand or products.

How can YouTube info cards help in building brand awareness?

These cards can steer viewers towards things that interest them. This makes your brand look like it knows its stuff. Companies like Wayfair do this with playlist cards to get more people knowing about them.

Can I use YouTube info cards to drive traffic to my website?

Absolutely, use link cards to send viewers straight to your website. This works well for showcasing your offerings. Top brands like HubSpot and Sephora are already onto this smart move.

What is the maximum number of info cards I can add to a YouTube video?

You can put five info cards on any video. But, remember to use them smartly for the best effect. They should fit well with your video’s flow and keep the watchers interested.

Are YouTube info cards mobile-friendly?

Yes, they are made to work smoothly on mobile devices. They replace older tools that don’t work as well on phones and tablets. And since lots of people watch YouTube on mobile, they’re perfect for reaching a big audience.


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