Share Market Tips

Share trading tips for beginners

If you have very little experience of share market investing tips, selecting the right stocks may not be easy. But you don’t need a degree in finance to profit on the share market. With a little effort, you should be able to figure out the share market jargon on your own. Things get easier once you have a little practice, and these share trading tips can give you a boost.

Share Market Tips


  1. Study the fundamentals

Don’t try monitoring every single stock on the share market. Instead, zero in on the stocks you would like to invest in. How do you create this wish-list? Study the fundamentals of different companies. This means looking at the revenues, balance sheet, and performance track record of the entity, alongside its governance practices, management, sectoral competition, and scope for growth. Companies with strong fundamentals tend to be stable investment options for the long term. 

  1. Do the research

There may be a buzz around a particular stock. But you must assess whether the stock really is a worthwhile investment. Study the underlying company’s performance, scrutinise sectoral trends, and factor in the overall market conditions. Historical price patterns could indicate how the stock is likely to act in future. In addition, measures like the price–earnings ratio and earnings per share, as well as stock market indices, could help you prepare a comprehensive assessment.

  1. Be realistic

Seasoned traders know that some trades do well while others don’t. To manage their risk, they outline clear entry and exit policies. By placing stop loss triggers and profit targets on every order, you could exit every trade—even the losing ones—on relatively favourable terms. Having a clear plan in place keeps you from being greedy and holding on to a share for too long. It also protects you from panic selling when the markets are in freefall.

  1. Get a reliable broker

 Fluctuating markets bring many uncertainties for the share market investor. This is why you should open an account with a dependable broker like Kotak Securities that offers robust trading platforms and real-time market data. Additional benefits are comprehensive research reports on a regular basis and timely customer service to handle any trading-related discrepancies and issues. 

  1. Focus on every detail

Rigorous monitoring holds the key to effective stock market investments. Since global events affect domestic markets, keep an eye on the news flows. But don’t get carried away by the bigger trends. It may happen that a particular sector is performing well. But not all stocks in that sector may be profitable investments. Study the information on the macro and micro levels before taking action.

  1. Keep away from penny stocks

 Bargains are great when you go grocery shopping. But think twice about bargains in the share market. Low-priced stocks, which are also known as penny stocks, may seem attractive. A little capital could fetch you lots of shares and even the scope for growth may seem high. However, such shares can be risky. And sometimes the low price is a signal that the underlying business model is poor.

Summing up

These share trading tips show that you need patience and discipline to prosper on the share market. Comprehensive research, coupled with a nuanced understanding of the market, will help you make the right decisions. And it would certainly help to have the right broker by your side.

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