How You Can Really Package Your Food Product for Maximum Shelf Impact and Sales

How You Can Really Package Your Food Product for Maximum Shelf Impact and Sales

There may be plenty of guidelines when it comes to packaging your food product so that it will sell, but there are some guidelines that are more important than most. If you have the intention of boosting sales for your food product – which can only be the result of a good impact on the shelves. Then here’s how you can really package your food product for maximum shelf impact and sales.

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The container

The packaging for your food product should be water-tight as well as air-tight, and it should also be resistant to grease, odours, and moisture.  Of course, you also have to make sure that the material you use for your food packaging is approved by regulatory bodies. Particularly if it will have direct contact with the food. The exterior packaging of your product should also adhere to guidelines; ideally, you want the exterior packaging to be easy to print on as well. When it comes to containers, you have many choices ranging from bags to plastic containers to glass containers and even shrink or cling wrap.

The labelling

The labelling of the packaging should also include certain detailed information. Normally, your food packaging should include information on the name as well as the address of the packer, distributor, or manufacturer. And it should also include the net quantity of food inside the packaging. Other information to be included on the label would be the ingredients. Any products which may be considered allergens, including peanuts, milk, eggs, and so on.

Proper packaging for your food product

The food should be properly packaged into the container. For instance, if you are making use of a bag which is sealable. The excess air should be removed before it is sealed. For other containers such as cans and jars, the container should be sealed hermetically under the pressure of steam.

The attractiveness of the packaging

It goes without saying that without attractive packaging, your food product may just end up being ignored on the shelves. The packaging plays a major role in the success of your food product, and when choosing packaging, you should keep your target market in mind. Are you planning to target busy mothers or single individuals? What kind of food product do you have? If you are planning to use photographs, make sure they are of the highest quality as well. It also pays to know what’s ‘in’ in packaging, and you can get key information from detailed packaging market research. Everything has to look professional, but one proven component is simplicity. Keep it as simple and clear as possible, and your product will be more likely to get noticed – and ultimately purchased.


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