What You Need to Know About Benefits Temporary Car Insurance

What You Need to Know About Benefits of Temporary Car Insurance

When you hear about benefits of car insurance, you usually think about those that last for 12 months before you need to renew it again. However, what will you do if you don’t need to insure your car for 12 months? Let’s say that you want to teach your neighbours to drive their car or you have a vehicle that you only use during your vacations. In such situations, it doesn’t make any sense to go for long-term car insurance.

Well, in similar scenarios, you should always go for short-term or temporary insurance!

What is temporary car insurance?

Known as short-term or temporary car insurance, it’s a type of insurance that covers your vehicle for a specific time (usually less than 12 months). In most cases, you can get temporary insurance for one day to 28 days. However, you can also take temporary insurance for three months.


What are the benefits of temporary car insurance?

When you opt for temporary insurance for your car, you will observe the following benefits:

  1. Easy to make adjustments

When you opt for an annual insurance policy, it’s quite difficult to make adjustments. For example, if you need to add additional drivers to your insurance policy, it is going to be quite a hassle. You will need to provide the age, address, and several other details about the driver and the vehicle. To make adjustments to the long-term car insurance, you will have to wait for weeks for the amendments to be effective. However, with temporary insurance, you can skip past all these obstacles and add a driver in record time.

  1. Cheap way to insure your vehicle

The premium of an annual insurance policy is going to cost you at least a couple of hundred pounds. However, as you are not going to be using the vehicle all the time, it’s not a cost-effective solution to insure the car for the entire year. With temporary insurance, you can cover the vehicle for a specific amount of time.

  1. Flexible coverage

With an annual insurance policy, you don’t have much say about its length. However, with temporary insurance, you have the liberty to choose the date of coverage. For example, if your friend is driving your vehicle on the weekend, you can get temporary insurance for that specific period.

Who should take temporary car insurance?

If you happen to fall into these categories or if you are in a similar situation, you should go for temporary car insurance:

  • You are renting a car for a certain amount of time
  • Have plans to sell your car in the recent future
  • Don’t know which annual car insurance is perfect for your vehicle
  • Only use your vehicle during a specific time frame
  • You are using your friend’s/neighbour’s car for the weekend
  • Temporary insurance to register your car so that you don’t have to pay any penalty.
  • You want to supplement your current long-term insurance policy with another plan



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