Clearing your YouTube queue might seem hard, but it’s simple with the right steps. This is true for both the desktop and mobile app versions. We’ll show you how to clear the queue on YouTube, step by step. You’ll learn how to clear everything or just take out certain songs.

If you’re on a computer, the fastest way to clear your YouTube queue is by refreshing the page with F5. This wipes out your list in a flash. But, if you’d rather pick which songs to keep, just click on the three dots next to each. This lets you tailor your listening experience.

Things are a bit different for smartphone or tablet users. For Android and iOS, to clear the queue, first lower the ‘Playing Now’ screen. Then, swipe it out. This guide will make sure you know all the steps. So, you’ll be able to keep your queue tidy whether you’re using a phone, tablet, or desktop.

Key Takeaways

  • Two main methods exist for clearing the YouTube Music queue on desktop, including refreshing the page or pressing F5.
  • Individual songs can be removed from the queue by clicking the three stacked dots next to the track.
  • On mobile devices, clearing the queue involves minimizing the “Playing Now” screen and swiping actions on both Android and iOS.
  • YouTube Music allows for songs to be added, rearranged, and saved as playlists even though it lacks an intuitive queueing system.
  • Managing your YouTube queue effectively enhances your overall viewing and listening experience.

Clearing Your YouTube Queue on Desktop

Clearing your YouTube Music queue on desktop is easy. You can wipe it clean or delete specific songs. This helps keep your music flowing without interruption. Let’s look at how to clear YouTube playlist queue in two effective ways.

Refreshing the Page

To quickly empty YouTube queue on desktop, try refreshing the page. Hit the refresh button or press F5. This removes songs after what’s currently playing. It’s fast and skips the need to delete songs one by one.

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Removing Individual Songs

For a focused way to handle your music, try removing songs one by one. Click the three dots on a song to see the options. Then, choose “Remove from Queue” to get rid of that song. This lets you pick what stays in your list. Also, these YouTube queue settings let you change your songs’ order and save your list as a new playlist.

How to Clear Queue on YouTube Using Mobile Devices

Clearing your YouTube queue on mobile devices just takes a few steps. It works for both Android and iOS. Improving your YouTube queue can make watching videos more fun. We’ll show you how on each system.

YouTube queue management

On Android Devices

Android makes it easy to manage your YouTube queue. To remove videos from YouTube queue, just minimize the ‘Playing Now’ screen. Then, swipe the bar down or to the side. This will clear the queue fast.

You can also manage single items. On Chromecast, tap the X at the right of the queue bar to clear the list.

  • Open the YouTube Music app.
  • Access the Now Playing screen and tap on Up Next to view the queue.
  • Swipe right or left on individual tracks to remove them from the queue.

On iOS Devices

For iOS users, it’s also simple to remove videos from the queue. Just minimize the ‘Playing Now’ screen. Then, use a swipe to clear the queue. This makes it easy for everyone.

For finer control, iOS has extra options. Go to the Now Playing screen, swipe up to see the queue, and swipe to remove what you don’t want.

Both Android and iOS work well with Chromecast. Many users can clear the queue with a few taps. This makes things run smoothly for everyone.

By following these steps, you’ll have full control over your YouTube queue. It makes watching videos on your phone or tablet much better. That’s true for both Android and iOS users.


Managing your YouTube queue across different platforms is easy. It can really make your watching and listening better. The steps we’ve shown you are simple and work well for both desktop and mobile devices.

With these methods, keeping your playlists tidy is not hard. Whether you’re on a computer or phone, making your queues organized takes just a few steps.

The YouTube queue settings make it easy to watch without breaks. You can remove single songs on YouTube Music. Or, manage a list of videos on YouTube TV. It’s good to know you can’t clear everything in the queue at once. But, getting rid of single items is easy.

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To enjoy a clean list, it’s important to often clear watch later queue YouTube. This stops you from piling up stuff you don’t need. Using YouTube Premium can help. It gives you an ad-free platform and lets you loop videos. By following the steps in this guide, you can make YouTube fit your style. Use these tips to control what you watch. Keep your lists clean and up to date.


How do I clear the queue on YouTube?

To clean out your YouTube queue, refresh the page on your computer. Or pick single videos to delete. Just click the three dots by the name and hit “Remove from Queue.” On phones, swipe away videos. Or use the buttons made for clearing.

What is the easiest way to clear the entire YouTube queue on a desktop?

The easiest method is to refresh the page. This gets rid of all videos after the one playing. Use the F5 key or press the refresh button on your browser to do this.

How can I remove individual songs from my YouTube queue on desktop?

If you want to delete a single video from the queue on a computer, click the three dots next to it. Then, choose “Remove From Queue.”

How do I clear the YouTube queue on an Android device?

On an Android, just minimize the ‘Playing Now’ view. Then, swipe the bar down or sideways to clear the list.

What steps should I follow to clear the queue on YouTube using an iOS device?

For iPhone users, first, minimize the playing screen. Then swipe in any direction to remove queued videos.

Can I manage my YouTube queue on a web browser using YouTube Music?

Absolutely, you can tidy up your queue on YouTube Music’s site. Refresh for a total clear. To delete single songs, click the three dots and pick “Remove From Queue.”

How do Chromecast users manage their YouTube queue on Android?

With Chromecast on Android, management is easy. You can delete one item or clear everything from the app. It’s designed for a smooth link between your Android and Chromecast.


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