Tips for Choosing Payment Gateway for your E-commerce Website

Tips for Choosing Payment Gateway for your E-commerce Website

To start off in the world of ecommerce, it is very important thing to choose an appropriate payment gateway. This service connected to your website that lets you to take credit cards or debit cards as payment methods. We all know that digital payments are a necessary payment option on successful ecommerce websites. So you should never consider not having this facility on your website. Online customers prefer knowing exactly what they are up for (including freight). And they will for sure want to pay and complete the order there and then in the quickest possible time. In case you place any hurdles to this then you will usually find the customer will just go elsewhere and here comes payment gateway to rescue you in the most secure way possible. Two common types of payment gateways that are accessible for you are-


Manual Payment Gateway

  • It understandable as a facility that securely takes the customer’s card details and stores them for you to access and process manually through a facility such as an eftpos machine
  • Such gateways are simply the most inexpensive form of gateway but do require you to manually process each payment that can become an overhead in case you are performing many transactions a day
  • For utilizing such means of online transactions you will need a merchant account with your bank and also permission from the bank to process credit cards without a signature
  • Merchants would also need access to a facility such as an eftpos machine or online processing for processing payments through. They would required to speak to their bank to organize this and then utilize a manual payment gateway

Real Time Payment Gateway

  • The real time payment gateway is most popular and efficient gateway solution available and with the help of such frameworks. All the transactions are process at the point of the sale on your website. And you tend to receive funds within a couple of days.
  • This is considered ideal for sites experiencing high volumes of sales. And for those people who cannot access the facilities needed for a manual payment gateway. Merchant can opt for this kind of online transaction mediums from many banks and also third party companies such as PayUMoney, Paytm, Oxigen Wallet, etc.

Building Up the Website

When building up your web based business site, it is essential to pick the gateway that suits your requirements. Keep in mind that in the event that you are not utilizing the payment gateway strategy. You will likewise need to manage your transaction activity with your bank. This can regularly take half month so it is best to begin on this before your site prepared to launch. Additionally search around with various options available to help you have most suited gateway option on your site. Having a well integrated gateway that is functional and secure will ensure great comfort and accessibility. For your buyers who will appreciate using easy transaction means provided by your site. So choose wisely and enjoy loyal customer base.

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