Arizona Headhunters and Recruiter’s Guide on How to Take Advantage of LinkedIn In Finding Possible Recruits

Arizona Headhunters and Recruiter’s Guide on How to Take Advantage of LinkedIn In Finding Possible Recruits

According to studies, companies and small business employ at least 40% of all the workforce in the United States, but finding the right people with the right skills for the job is still very difficult. There’s not enough time, tight budget, you have many things in your mind, and you don’t have a support team of recruiters at your disposal. But this does not mean that you can’t compete with other recruiters. According to Phoenix area recruiters, LinkedIn can be your best tool to gain an advantage. It is not just a job posting social networking site, and it is the world’s biggest professional networking site. Using LinkedIn, you can build your group, create your brand, tap into an employees’ deep connection and recruiters can target the best talent with precision. Below are some tips, practices and simple but effective strategies, small business owners to attract, find and hire talented and skillful prospects, using LinkedIn. Continue reading to know some free and paid strategies to help your business stands out.


Set up your free LinkedIn company page

The first thing you need to do is set up a company page. Your company or agency needs to have a real Internet presence on LinkedIn. You can do that by setting up a good and reliable company page. It is a LinkedIn profile page for your small business. The company page is like your headquarters. You put every detail that makes you different compared to your competitors. The company page will connect your business to other employees, share your updates and vice versa, and attract more followers. It will also serve as your platform for your job postings.

Make sure everyone from your company has a legitimate LinkedIn profile page that is connected to your company page

It is a simple but necessary step. Most people from your company probably have a LinkedIn profile, but you need to make sure that their page is legit and they are officially listed as an employee. It will make sure that their profile will link back to your company page. It will not only give awareness to your website, but also provide more opportunity for your business. Profile viewing is one of the most common activities on LinkedIn, having more employees will drive more traffic to your page.


Post your LinkedIn job openings on a pay-for-performance basis to get the best candidate available

Posting your job on LinkedIn is not like headhunters advertising them on a job board. It is a different platform where you can communicate with your possible headhunters candidates, build your brand, and use your network’s strength to gain an advantage. There are ways to post your jobs on LinkedIn, all of them uses intelligent targeting. It means that LinkedIn targets your job posts so that possible candidates can see them. Other platforms target the location and industry, LinkedIn uses an algorithm that goes beyond anything else. Headhunters analyzes the profile of every member to find a good match and put your post in their profile feed, instead of them searching for you. Because you are just a small business, you want to make sure that you are getting everything out of your budget. If you only get a few hires per year, it is best to post a job using pay-per-click strategy. On the other hand, if you get no more than ten hires per year, it makes more sense to use Job Slots.

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Tell your employees to boost the reach of the job post and the updates

While it is smart to post updates and job postings on your company page, you can also tell your employees to share every content that you post to maximize the effect. It is useful with any material, whether it is a blog post, a press release, or job postings. But it is also essential when you are looking for staff to hire using LinkedIn. Even if you only have 100 followers on your page, you can still improve. Most companies have 300 to 2000 connections. If one of your employees shared your post, the content could also be posted in their connection’s news feed. If your employees’ connection liked, shared or commented on your post, their connections could also see your post. This way, your posts can maximize its reach and can increase your connections ten folds.

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