7 The Interior of This Residential Becomes More Attractive Because the Primary Paint Color

7 The Interior of This Residential Becomes More Attractive Because the Primary Paint Color

Primary colors are the main colors consisting of blue, red and yellow. Also known as Hue. You can practice this primary paint color on residential interior. What is the design inspiration like? The three colors above are colors that you can combine and produce other colors. These colors can be captured by humans. Similarly, choosing colors to decorate the interior.

7 The Interior of This Residential Becomes More Attractive Because the Primary Paint Color

Most residents want to play it safe by choosing neutral colors such as white, black and beige. However, if you want to experiment more, just try applying primary paint colors for residential interiors. And for painting, leave it to a qualified and professional painter at malerkanonen.dk.

The choice of colors to be combined with primary colors may not be careless, you know! For example, combining the color wheel with primary colors can get the right color inspiration and is suitable for residential interiors. Instead of getting more curious, let’s look at 7 primary color applications for your minimalist dwelling.

  1. Bright Concept Primary Paint Color

First, the primary paint colors that you can use are yellow and blue. You can mix these two colors with a secondary color, i.e. gray. Yellow can give a bright impression and make the area interesting to look at. Meanwhile, the blue color is also use to provide a cool effect and also a silencer so it is not too bright.

  1. The Charm of a Classic and Modern Room

Red primary paint colors can emit a classic and modern impression when combined with green. Who would have thought this primary color application looks very beautiful, huh? Decoration in this area of ​​the room also need not be excessive, just simply put a white flower vase and a wall mirror so the room is sweeter.

  1. Primary Paint Colors are Blue and Ash

Scandinavian-style houses are usually suitable for using muted colors, for example, a combination of gray and blue. Although Scandinavian design principles always prioritize neutral colors like white and natural colors, there’s no harm in you trying to make something different. No need to choose a striking color, this primary color can be present in the bedroom through a pastel or young shade which will certainly calm when bedtime arrives. As the color of the water or sky, the blue color in the bedroom equipment will certainly remain in harmony with the Scandinavian design bedroom.

  1. The Combination of Yellow and Purple

Furthermore, this primary paint color is really contrasting. You can combine yellow with purple. Look how cheerful this room is! However, if you like the color yellow and want to apply it to the dwelling, choose a light-yellow color and try mixing it with purple. Apply the primary color to some furniture interspersed with purple to make it more varied. Let the plain walls use white paint so that the two colors can look harmonious when looking at the room as a whole.

  1. Red and Gold

For those of you who are happy with a luxurious design, try choosing the Victorian interior style. This style is very suitable to be applied if your house is spacious. The character of the house will look bolder and stronger. Your residence will look like a royal family palace!

  1. Suddenly Bright in Darkness

Who says dark colors can’t be brighten? You can add yellow to the interior of the house so the room is brighter but not too dazzled. The function of yellow in a room that is predominantly black can make occupancy more eye-catching.

  1. Colors That Give Excitement

Neutral colors in a room will be easily made different. For example, white, you just need to add red so that residential can generate positive energy and enthusiasm.


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