10 Social Activities You Can Apply at the Office

10 Social Activities You Can Apply at the Office

Social activity is one of the things that millennials workers want in their office. Millennials are a generation that not only wants to ‘work’, but they also have their own values, principles, and goals that they bring to the professional realm. And what do millennials actually expect? Millennials expect an office they can call a second home. Where they can socialize and be more involved in various social activities that have more impact on the team and the company.

10 Social Activities You Can Apply at the Office

No wonder various ways are being done by various companies from startups to corporations to strengthen themselves with the generation that is currently in their productive period, one of which is through social activities carried out in the office or by hiring the Hidden door to create memorable events to strengthen relationships between employees in the office.

Starting from social activities that are mere to familiarize themselves with fellow colleagues to social activities that are directly related to the community you can do in the office with other colleagues.

The following are 10 ideas of social activities that you can apply.

  1. Social Activities in the Office: Food Day

Moment to eat together is the right moment to familiarize yourself. This moment can also be a form of social activity in the office. Not just eating together, you and your colleagues can make a schedule to take turns bringing food from home to eat together at the office. In addition, this food day activity can also be used as a social activity that is useful for the community. You and your co-workers can set aside some food to pack and share for people on the streets.

  1. Social Activities in the Office: Sport Day

Furthermore, what can familiarize you and your colleagues is to hold a sports day. This activity also has another benefit, which is to make our body healthy. Maintaining health is also certainly an important thing for work, because if we are sick then we will also decrease our performance. The chosen sport can also be varied, such as jogging in the morning or after work, resting together at the office or going to the gym together.

  1. Social Activities in the Office: Celebrate Important Days

No less exciting and fun, which is celebrating a colleague’s birthday! This activity will further build a family atmosphere in the office. The event can be held every birthday, or it can be celebrated once a month. So, every month there will be a celebration for several people who have birthdays in that month at once. You and your friends can also tuck in social activities that are useful to the community such as holding a fundraiser at events like this. The funds collected will then be distributed to people who are more in need.

  1. Social Activities in the Office: Forming Learning Clubs

You can create a learning club too! You can make small discussions from book reviews, films, or even about work topics. The topics discussed can vary each week. Each division can take turns as a committee and choose certain topics to educate members of other divisions. The matters discussed also certainly have benefits for employee character development. If the program runs smoothly for the company, you can start to invite other company employees to share in this activity. The essence of this social activity is learning in a fun way.

  1. Social Activities in the Office: Welcoming Party

Welcoming new members of the company you can also call social activities in the office. The goal is that new members feel accepted and can socialize more quickly. Getting into a new environment will certainly make someone feel a little awkward. But holding an event like this will definitely make new members feel more comfortable at work. Activities like this can also be use as a venue for refreshing so as not to feel bored with work.

  1. Social Activities in the Office: Farewell Party

With the welcoming party, of course, the farewell party is also mandatory to do. If a welcoming party is a social activity to help new members to socialize faster, a farewell party is an activity to appreciate our colleagues who have worked together and will end their work period. Although the objectives are different, these activities can both familiarize employees because they both spend time together in something fun.

  1. Social Activities in the Office: Rearranging the Office

If you are usually more familiar with social activities like this in the home or school environment, you can also apply it in the office, you know. You can ask the boss to rearrange or just decorate the office to make it look more beautiful. The main objective, of course, is not only to get a new atmosphere and beautify the office but also to practice cooperation among colleagues.

  1. Social Activities in the Office: Fines

Every office must have rules that must be obeyed. In order to help each employee to be more disciplined, you and your colleagues can impose fines for any violations of the rules in the office. These fines can later be use for social activities or directly distributed to those in need. This activity can be fun and has its own fun. Who would have thought that small steps like this could also be useful for others?

  1. Social Activities in the Office: Become a Joint Volunteer

You can’t do this activity directly at the office, but you can still do it with friends at the office. Being a volunteer does not have to wait for natural disasters or calamities. There are lots of social activities that you can take part in. The company where you work can work directly with various institutions that need volunteers and send employees to go directly to volunteer alternately. This activity is not only useful for companies because it can educate employees to have a social life but also useful for the wider community.

  1. Social Activities in the Office: Making Long-Term Projects

Whatever social activities carried out, make it a long-term activity. So, every activity carried out will become a habit and culture of the office itself. Not only carried out by a few people and only temporarily. The more often the social activities carried out, of course. The more benefits will be felt by those who live it and may also be useful for the people around him or even the wider community.

Besides being suitable to get closer to fellow millennials colleagues, through social activities you can increase workers’ sense of ownership in the company, as well as to improve work situations that might be stagnating.


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